‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Grossed 1.29 Billion in China’s Opening Weekend

Avengers: Infinity War

The Marvel movie “Avengers: Infinity War”, also known as Avengers 3 in China, has attracted huge amounts of attention since its release in China on May 11. According to the website of China Box Office, as of May 13, the film grossed 1.29 billion yuan (over $203.5 million) during its opening three days of release. The total box office in mainland China is expected to exceed 2.7 billion yuan ($426 million).

According to Global Times, an English-language Chinese newspaper under the People’s Daily, anticipation for the film was so high that two weeks before the Chinese mainland premiere some anxious fans even flew to Hong Kong – where the film was released on April 25, two days earlier than North America – to watch the film as soon as they could.

The film is currently rated 8.5/10 on Chinese review platform Douban based on more than 140,000 user reviews, making it the highest rated Marvel Cinematic Universe film on the platform.

Avengers: Infinity War is currently rated 8.5/10 on Chinese review platform Douban

“Avengers 3” marks the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which began with the release of “Iron Man” in 2008. Fans could also use this opportunity to boast about their years of knowledge on the history of all the sophisticated characters and timelines. However, an announcement that was made at a Wanda Cinema before the movie premiere was a bit of a bummer for its female fans. The accouncement said, “A caution to all the female viewers, try not to disturb the pilgrimage of the male viewers around you while watching the film. Just have some popcorn quietly when you don’t understand the plot.”

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Such stereotypical announcement has triggered the dissatisfaction of many female viewers. Later on that day, the cinema apologized for their sexist remarks. According to Chinese ticketing platform Maoyan, female audiences of the film accounted for 46.5%. There are a lot of girls who practically dragged their girl friends to watch the film with them. According to the set of data by the independent media “Entertainment Capital”, female viewers not only make up the majority of Marvel film viewers, but they also account for 60% of all consumers of Marvel-branded products.