BAIC ArcFox Alpha S Huawei Hi Version Delivery to Start from December 25

At Guangzhou International Auto Show on Friday, the Huawei Hi ArcFox Alpha S car with HarmonyOS was officially launched. The vehicle is expected to start delivery from December 25, 2021 and its pre-sale price is 388,900 yuan to 429,900 yuan. During the event, BAIC Blue Valley stated that the Alpha S Huawei HI version has received a considerable number of orders.

Huawei Hi ArcFox Alpha S is the first car to be launched with the HarmonyOS system and Huawei’s exclusive Autonomous Driving System. BAIC Blue Valley’s target is to deliver 1,000 units in the fourth quarter of this year.

The model on display at the auto show was painted in black and showed a metallic luster under the stage lights. The front of the car has been made to reduce wind resistance which will help extend battery life while the rear of the car has been kept simple in its design.

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According to previously released information, the Huawei Hi ArcFox Alpha S has 3-millimeter wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, 13 panoramic cameras including 9 ADS cameras, and 4 surround-view cameras. Under ideal conditions, the battery can last up to 708 kilometers.