BAIC ARCFOX Alpha S Huawei HI Version to Be Launched May 7

ARCFOX, a high-end electric vehicle brand owned by BAIC BluePark New Energy, announced on Thursday that the launch conference for its new HI (“Huawei Inside”) version of the Alpha S, an intelligent luxury electric sedan, will be held in Beijing at 19:30 on May 7.

The ARCFOX Alpha S Huawei HI version was first unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2021. The car is equipped with three solid-state lidars and an assisted driving system provided by Huawei. In addition, Huawei’s Harmony OS system has been installed in this model. It is also the first mass-produced model equipped with Huawei’s high-end automated driving system.

In addition, according to official data, the vehicle has six millimeter wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, nine ADS cameras and four scanning cameras, with a computing power of 400 TOPS, supporting intelligent driving assistance on expressways and urban roads, automated valet parking (AVP) and smart summoning functions.

(Source: ARCFOX)

In addition, the Alpha S Huawei Hi version is equipped with a ternary lithium supercharge customized battery pack (IP68 rating of dust-proof and waterproof), which can last up to 708 km under comprehensive working conditions and supports 750V fast charging.

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This model has not entered the market before, but it has been officially announced that the pre-sale price of the standard edition is 388,900 yuan ($58,757) and the pre-sale price of the advanced edition is 429,900 yuan.

At present, there are four models of the ARCFOX Alpha S on sale, with the price range of 251,900 – 344,900 yuan, but from May 16, 2022, the price of its two high-end models will increase by 5,400 yuan.