Baichuan AI Releases Large-scale Model Baichuan 3 with Parameters Exceeding One Trillion

On January 29th, Baichuan AI released the large language model Baichuan 3 with parameters exceeding one trillion. In evaluations such as CMMLU, GAOKAO, and AGI-Eval, Baichuan 3 claimed to have surpassed GPT-4 in Chinese tasks.

In medical evaluations such as MCMLE, MedExam, CMExam that test logical reasoning abilities, Baichuan 3’s Chinese performance is also claimed to surpass GPT-4 and is considered the “best-performing large model for Chinese medical tasks”.

According to the introduction, Baichuan AI has proposed various technical means and solutions such as “dynamic data selection,” “importance preservation,” and “asynchronous CheckPoint storage” during the training process of Baichuan 3. The stable training time can reach more than one month, and the fault recovery time does not exceed 10 minutes.

Baichuan AI officially stated that Baichuan 3 has made breakthroughs in “iterative reinforcement learning” technology, further enhancing its semantic understanding and generation capabilities. It has improved the format, rhythm, and expression of poetry creation. For the highly challenging literary style of Song Ci with variable formats, deep structures, and rich rhythms, the generated content can also have neat parallelism, harmonious rhyme schemes, allowing everyone to create five-character regulated poems or seven-character quatrains praising objects or expressing thoughts. They can write down their aspirations and emotions through poems like “Qin Yuan Chun” or “Ding Feng Bo”.

Baichuan AI was established on April 10, 2023, founded by former Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan. Currently, Baichuan 3 have been launched on the official website of Baichuan AI.

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