Baidu AI Cloud Announces the First Launch of Training Inference for Llama3 in China

On April 19th, Meta officially released the multimodal open-source large model Llama 3, including large models with 8B and 70B parameters. The official claim is that it is the most powerful open-source large model ever.

On the afternoon of April 19, after Meta launched Llama 3, Baidu AI Cloud Qianfan Large Model Platform announced the first domestic training and inference solution for all versions of Llama3, making it easier for developers to retrain and build exclusive large models. It is now open for invitation testing.

It is said that Baidu AI Cloud’s Qianfan Large Model Platform has pre-installed the most comprehensive and rich large models customization tool, ModelBuilder, which supports third-party mainstream models at home and abroad. The total number reaches 79, making it the development platform with the largest number of large models in China.

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