Baidu Apollo Showcases Self-Driving and IoV Products at CES Asia 2018

During CES Asia 2018, Baidu Apollo showcased its progress in self-driving, Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and automobile safety. Baidu’s autonomous driving platform has initiated collaborations with renowned automobile companies such as BMW and Hyundai Motors, and has also formed a partnership with EV startup Byton for DuerOS. Baidu’s DuerOS is the world’s first human-vehicle dedicated AI system, providing solutions such as human-vehicle dialogue, facial log-in, fatigue driving monitoring, AR navigation, intelligent security, and personalized services & contents.

Baidu booth in CES Asia
Baidu has initiated collaborations with BMW

According to Synced Review, Apollo provides developers with access to a complete set of service solutions and open-source codes that can enable a software engineer to convert a Lincoln MKZ into a self-driving vehicle in approximately 48 hours.

Baidu has initiated collaborations with Hyundai
Baidu Apollo platform

In terms of self-driving, Baidu’s Apollo brought to the table products that are fully ready for mass production. This includes the Apollo Pilot, Apollo Computing Unit (ACU), Intelligent Map and Valet Parking. Among them, Apollo Pilot is a self-driving product designed for the Chinese market featuring higher levels of safety and cost efficiency. This has been applied to several various scenarios in ride-sharing and both commercial and passenger vehicles. ACU is a centralized in-car computing platform for autonomous driving, and Intelligent Map provides essential support for domestic and foreign vehicle manufacturers to develop self-driving automobile products in China. Lastly, Valet Parking is a commercialized self-driving product designated for shared cars that enables remote summoning of vehicles, autonomous parking, as well as auto-charging.

Baidu booth in CES Asia

The Internet and automobile industry are two important pillars that are driving the development of our global economy and social progress. The continuous integration of these two separate entities has created a golden opportunity,

says Zhang Yaqin, president of Baidu. “It’s nice to see that during this unprecedented transformation, an increasing number of Chinese companies are at the forefront.”