Baidu-Backed Automotive Startup JiDU Prepares for Mass Production

Joe Xia, CEO of JiDU, announced through Chinese social media on Wednesday that the firm has started body mold casting for its first mass-produced car. It has now officially progressed from model design to preparation for mass production.

Xia said that to achieve mass production of the model’s futuristic design, JiDU’s engineering team has carried out tremendous technical research on the molding process, and has made engineering breakthroughs in super-large stamping depth.

(Source: JiDU)

JiDU is a technology-based automotive startup initiated by Baidu and Geely. It was formally established in March 2021, with its headquarters in Shanghai, China, and a global software R&D center in Beijing. It announced it will hold the JiDU ROBODAY launch event on June 8, during which its first concept car robot will be released.

JiDU said its vehicle robot was inspired by spaceships and featured highly automated capabilities on highways and urban roads, and also features an ultra-intelligent front console.

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The product has L4 autonomous driving abilities. It can drive on its own and can carry out natural communication with humans. Furthermore, based on AI and big data, it is able to learn on its own and upgrade itself as needed.

JiDU said that its first mass-produced automobile robot will be launched and delivered in 2023. Its high-level automated driving capabilities can be applied across various scenarios.