Baidu Launches Flagship Xiaodu Smart Display X10 and Upgraded XiaoduPods Smart Earbuds

Baidu on Oct. 29 held the 2020 Xiaodu Fall New Product Launch in Beijing where the tech giant unveiled the new flagship Xiaodu Smart Display X10 as well as the latest true wireless XiaoduPods smart earbuds.

The Xiaodu Smart Display X10 is the latest addition as well as the flagship unit of Xiaodu’s smart speaker product line. The model has been equipped with a suite of upgraded AI-backed functions, featuring a series of modifications, including full-duplex continued conversation, gesture control, voiceprint recognition and intelligent response capabilities.

Designed in collaboration with the Silicon Valley-based industrial design company Fuseproject, the X10 presents users with a metallic and mesh construct with a zinc alloy circular base to exude a futuristic aesthetic.

In terms of the hardware, the product has a 10.1-inch FullView IPS display with a 1280*800 resolution on a 20mm thin frame as well as 8W speakers. The 5MP HD camera on the model enables vivid photography and security monitoring.

Another new product introduced at the launch event were the upgraded XiaoduPods, the company’s wireless smart earbuds.

This year’s model features a voice note function that allows users to simply tap once to turn on the recording mode. The real-time speech recognition capabilities of XiaoduPods, which has a 28-hour long battery life, will simutaneously transcribe the recording to text on the connected smartphone. Users can then edit the text while listening to the recording playback and the resulting files can be exported and backed up to other devices if needed.

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”Our goal is to serve people of all age groups. We hope to accelerate the process of ‘breaking boundaries’, allowing smart assistants to be engaged in different scenarios at a faster pace and enter the lives of more people,” said Kun Jing, Corporate Vice President of Baidu and General Manager of Smart Living Group (SLG), at the launch.

The Xiaodu product line has offered a series of discounts, which includes price reductions for Xiaodu Air, Xiaodu Smart Speaker Kids Edition, etc.