Baidu Launches Metaverse App “Xirang”

Chinese internet firm Baidu has recently launched a social app called “Xirang” (“land of hope)” on both the domestic Apple and Android App Store, stepping forward along the path of the metaverse, Sohu Technology reported on Monday. Baidu said the app aims to create a metaverse enabling people to interact with each other in a virtual world featuring identity recognition, extending from virtual to reality, and immortality.

App users should first create a unique virtual character and nickname to access to the virtual world in “Xirang.” At present, the app features several scenarios available for exploration, such as “Feng Tang Art Show,” “Baidu World Congress” and so on.

Baidu hopes app users will communicate with other clients and partners through instant voice functions and interactions with virtual identities. At present, the application scenarios include VR education, VR marketing, VR cloud exhibition, VR training and VR industrial park.

Ma Jie, Vice President of Baidu, said earlier that the firm had explored the application of Metaverse within many fields. For example, in March this year, the DEF CON CHINA Party, the world’s largest so-called “geek conference” organized by Baidu Security and DEF CON, was unveiled in the virtual space of Metaverse. Additionally, the Baidu World Congress in August this year also built a VR venue, and the Developer Conference at the end of the year will also be held in the Metaverse, which will also be applied in exhibition, education, marketing and other fields.

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Ma said Baidu would provide more infrastructure support for its partners and plans to work on the new infrastructure of the Metaverse. Also, according to Ma, Metaverse welcomes prosperous developments in such industries as game entertainment, advertising and marketing, conferences and exhibitions, among other areas. Baidu now prioritizes games and entertainment, and in the next stage will focus on social activities.