Baidu Merges Mapping Services Into Intelligence Driving Group

The mapping division of Chinese internet giant Baidu has been merged into the Intelligent Driving Group (IDG), 36Kr reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter.

Ji Yongzhi, the general manager of Baidu Maps, will now report his work to Vice President Shang Guobin, who is also in charge of autonomous driving, connected roads, and efficient mobility (ACE). Ji previously reported his work to Li Ying, the chief information officer of Baidu.

According to sources, Baidu Maps has more than ten sub-businesses with nearly 1,000 employees. Almost all businesses have been transferred to Baidu‘s IDG, including the design department.

Baidu responded to 36Kr that Baidu Maps has provided services for users through leading HD-Map capabilities. Apollo Go and Baidu‘s intelligent transportation can provide more high-tech services. The business adjustment of Baidu Maps will reportedly give full play to the advantages of organizational resources to support the firm’s strategic objectives.

Baidu Maps was launched in 2005 and has played a key role in Baidu‘s local life, mobile navigation, car networking and other business fields. However, with the market share of mobile navigation being seized by AutoNavi, Baidu Maps’ position within the market has gradually weakened.

In April 2021, information of BigData Research showed that the monthly active users of AutoNavi totaled 477.489 million, followed by Baidu Maps, reaching 389.126 million.

At present, the business scope of Baidu‘s IDG mainly includes intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, L4 Robotaxi, automobile cloud, intelligent transportation and so on. Almost all businesses need map technology to support them.

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The integration of map and automobile business is just one of Baidu‘s many business adjustments this year. Not long ago, the Intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems (IVICS) and unmanned bus of Baidu‘s ACE department were also integrated. The automobile cloud business was stripped from ACE and made to report directly to Li Zhenyu, the general manager of Baidu‘s IDG.