Baidu Releases Wen Yaoyao, China’s First Virtual Cultural Relic Commentator

Wen Yaoyao, China’s first virtual commentator for cultural relics, was jointly launched today by Baidu AI Cloud, Art Exhibition China and Jimu Technology to commemorate this year’s International Museum Day on Wednesday.

Wen Yaoyao, a virtual yet traditional Chinese girl, started to work at Art Exhibition China today, talking with a dozen museum curators and sharing stories behind the most-treasured pieces of the collection. In the future, she will provide services such as explanations, tour guiding, dialogues and livestreaming in major museums. As the first virtual cultural commentator, she will visit overseas together with Chinese counterparts for exchanges and spreading Chinese culture.

Wen Yaoyao’s image design and AI capabilities such as “listening, speaking, reading and writing” rely on Baidu AI Cloud’s digital avatar platform called “XiLing.”

Wen Yaoyao (Source: Baidu)

Baidu released digital AI cloud avatar platform XiLing in December of last year. It connects the whole process from production, persona management, content creation and business orchestration of digital people. The platform supports the production and operation of service-oriented digital personas and performing arts digital personas, which are highly personified in terms of appearance, facial expressions, physical expressions, interactive content, and emotional feedback.

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Baidu AI Cloud said that following the development of AI technology in China and the emergence of a digital avatar platform, the productivity of digital avatars is expected to increase dramatically and industry applications will speed up. Together with Baidu UNIT 7.0 cross-modal dialogue engine and AIGC technology, digital avatar platforms will also become a key infrastructure of the cultural and museum sector.

Up to now, dozens of digital images created by XiLing have been fully applied in the fields of finance, operators, government affairs, cultural tourism, radio and television, mutual entertainment, aerospace and so on. At the upcoming “2022 Baidu World Congress,” Baidu AI Cloud’s digital avatar platform XiLing will release upgrades of various platform functions.