Baidu’s CTO Wang Haifeng: PaddlePaddle Now Has 7.5 Million Developers

On July 6th, at the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Wang Haifeng, Chief Technology Officer of Baidu. and Director of the National Engineering Research Center for Deep Learning Technology and Applications revealed that as of now, PaddlePaddle has attracted 7.5 million developers. This is also the first time Baidu has disclosed the latest data on the PaddlePaddle ecosystem this year.

According to his introduction, Baidu. has been comprehensively deploying artificial intelligence since 2010 and is one of the few global AI companies that have implemented a full-stack layout. From Kunlun chips, PaddlePaddle deep learning platform, and ERNIE Bot large-scale models to AI applications, Baidu has layouts in all layers of the AI technology stack.

Among them, the PaddlePaddle deep learning platform is located at the framework layer, supporting large-scale model production upwards to improve model deployment efficiency and flexibility, downwards it adapts to various types of hardware to improve hardware adaptation efficiency and reduce costs.

In March of this year, Baidu. released a large-scale model product called “ERNIE Bot”. In June, the CEO of Baidu, Robin Li, stated that Baidu‘s ERNIE Bot has been iterated to version 3.5. He emphasized that “Version 3.5 of ERNIE Bot is not only an upgrade in terms of technology but also in terms of security.” At that time, Robin Li stressed that “there have been significant improvements in data quality, generation effectiveness, and content safety.

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Wang Haifeng introduced that the ERNIE Bot 3.5 has comprehensively improved its effectiveness, functionality, and performance. It achieved upgrades in basic models, innovations in fine-tuning techniques, enhancements in knowledge points, and improvements in logical reasoning. The model’s effectiveness has increased by 50%, training speed has doubled, and inference speed has increased by 30 times.

In addition, ERNIE Bot 3.5 has added a plugin mechanism. On June 17th, ERNIE Bot officially released the Baidu Search and ChatFile plugins. Baidu Search is the default built-in plugin, which enables ERNIE Bot to generate real-time accurate information. ChatFile is a long text summarization and question-answering plugin that supports the input of extremely long texts.

Wang Haifeng stated that ERNIE Bot will release more high-quality Baidu official and third-party plugins, allowing users to better utilize its capabilities. At the same time, it will gradually open up the plugin ecosystem to help developers build their own applications based on the ERNIE large model.