Baidu’s Ernie Bot Surpasses 100 Million User Milestone

Baidu‘s artificial intelligence (AI) model, Ernie Bot, has reached a user base of 100 million, according to Wang Haifeng, Baidu‘s Chief Technology Officer, at the 10th WAVE SUMMIT Deep Learning Developer Conference held on the 28th. 

This development comes after Baidu‘s concentrated efforts on pre-training model research and development since 2019, which led to the introduction of the Ernie Bot in March this year. In October, the base model of Ernie Bot was upgraded to version 4.0, enhancing its four fundamental AI capabilities – understanding, generation, logic, and memory. Over the past two months, the overall effectiveness of the Ernie 4.0 model has increased by 32%.

Wang Haifeng disclosed that since Ernie Bot was approved to provide services to the public on August 31, there has been a steady rise in user queries. This increase is essentially in line with the performance enhancement of the Ernie model, indicating a growing trust and utilization of Ernie Bot among users.

In his speech, Wang Haifeng also recapped the five-year history of the PaddlePaddle AI developer community. In 2019, the PaddlePaddle platform had 1.5 million developers, a number that has grown to 8 million by this year’s Wave Summit in August. The number of companies served and the number of models created based on PaddlePaddle have also seen rapid growth. As of the end of December 2023, PaddlePaddle has reportedly gathered 10.7 million developers, served 235,000 companies and institutions, and facilitated the creation of 860,000 models. 

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