Beijing Jiaotong University Releases the Large-scale Transportation Model “TransGPT”

On July 28th, Beijing Jiaotong University recently collaborated with the Intelligent Transportation Branch of the China Computer Federation and other organizations to release TransGPT, the first comprehensive large-scale traffic model in China.

TransGPT is a large-scale text model based on the Transformer architecture. This model combines multimodal structures and real-time scenario data invocation patterns to form an architecture that serves as the infrastructure for comprehensive transportation models, supplemented by applications in various segments of the transportation industry.

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TransGPT can achieve functions such as traffic situation prediction, intelligent consulting assistant, public transportation services, traffic planning and design, traffic safety education, assistance in management, traffic accident reporting and analysis, and autonomous driving assistance systems.

The model is now open source, and the official claim is that TransGPT is not only fully open for academic research but also available for free commercial use after obtaining official commercial license through email application.