Beijing Metro Fully Supports Scanning Code

Alipay’s official account on Weibo announced that Beijing Yitongxing APP was officially launched, and users could buy tickets in the APP and collect tickets from the ticket machine in the subway station. Besides, after September 20, users can directly use the NFC function in the mobile to pass the gate machine.

Before, the Beijing metro announced that the mobile NFC service would be extended to full lines on August 14, covering more than 270 subway stations in Beijing. Now, the Beijing subway is piloting Yitongxing APP in four stations and the APP will cover the entire line in September. At the end of March, it is estimated that passengers could enter all subway stations in Beijing through QR code.

At present, the Beijing metro has supported scanning mobile to enter the station, and all 274 stations have provided the Instruction Manuals for the Use of Mobile Card for passengers.

Mobile card requires that the mobile phone has NFC function. In addition, two types opening methods are available for different mobile models. Huawei P10, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Meizu Pro6 Plus and some other phones have loaded with security chip that could open “mobile bus” in the factory, so users just need to download “Beijing One-card” to open the card online.

While users have other mobiles need to go to China Mobile Business Hall to replace the original SIM card with the NFC-SIM card that has one-card function. As for the iPhone, it has not yet been able to open a mobile one-card function because it hasn’t yet opened its NFC functions to the public transport sector in China.


This article originally appeared in Zhongguancun Online and was translated by Pandaily.

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