Beijing Sets Up Website for Public to Report Gaming Companies’ Infringement of Anti-Addiction Regulation

China’s gaming industry regulator on Thursday created a special website that encourages the public to report companies for any violation of recent state regulations designed to protect minors from video game addiction.

The website, officially named “reporting platform for gaming companies’ implementation of anti-addition regulations,” was created by the National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) and is currently in trial operations.

On this platform, individuals can collect evidence and report the non-compliance of each game for any violation of state regulations. There are three types of violations: Whether online games have fully implemented the real-name registration requirements, whether online games are intended to provide minors with extra playing time and whether online games prevent teenagers from recharging and paying for games without their parents’ permission.

Since the NPPA issued a notice at the end of August that it would prevent minors from overindulging in online games, various domestic gaming companies have responded positively and launched new systems to prevent minors’ addiction.

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Faced with the first official holiday since the implementation of the new anti-addiction policies, Tencent and NetEase announced on September 16 that during this year’s upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, minors can log on to play games from 20:00 to 21:00 on September 17 and September 19-21. Minors will not be allowed to play games on Saturday, September 18, a legal working day.

The supervision and examination of the industry by various government departments is also being strengthened. On September 15, an information technology company in Beijing was warned and fined by the Law Enforcement Corps of the Beijing Cultural Market for illegally providing online game services to minors through its self-operated gaming platform.