Bilibili Denies Giving Up Its Game Business, Only Some Projects Have Been Adjusted

On December 15th, in response to online rumors that Bilibili will lay off all game development staff, Bilibili stated: ‘The related information is not true; only some projects have been adjusted.’

According to Bilibili‘s financial report, its game business revenue in the third quarter of this year was 991.8 million yuan (approximatly $140 million), a decrease of 33%. In the first three quarters of this year, Bilibili‘s game business revenue accounted for only 58% of the total revenue for the whole year of 2021.

Previously, Bilibili released its third-quarter financial report. CEO Chen Rui stated during a conference call that the gaming business has cut off some projects that do not meet market requirements and cannot generate profits. In the future, resources will be focused on more competitive projects in the market. Bilibili has a natural advantage in the gaming field and needs to transform this advantage into reality.

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