Bilibili Launches Video Editing App Bcut

Bilibili recently launched Bcut (Bijian), its first mobile app for video editing. The app, featuring a minimalistic editing interface and Bilibili-style elements, resembles TikTok’s Viamaker and Kuaishou’s Kmovie.

Currently, the app is available on both iOS and Android app stores. The developer is Shanghai Bilibili Animation Co., LTD., which registered trademarks related to “Bcut” and “bijian” in June this year, according to Chinese corporate database Tianyancha.

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Interface and special features of Bcut. From left to right: Stickers, Music Bank, and Anime Style transition effects.
(Source: Caiwei Chen/Pandaily)

The function and style are similar to Viamaker, but it also has its own characteristics. For example, while maintaining the editing function, Bcut also incorporates a screen recording function. The app also includes a voice changing function, a common playful twist many Bilibili creators like. At present, it supports the voice of boys, girls and cartoons. The app also includes anime style stickers as well as effects that remind people of Bilibili’s original app.