Bilibili Publishes Top 100 Chinese Products Popular Among Generation Z

On Wednesday, Chinese streaming platform Bilibili released its list of the top 100 Chinese products which are popular among Generation Z. The list was compiled using Bilibili‘s big data platform named “Z Index”.

As a video community with 267 million monthly active users, an average age of 22.8 years and more than half living in first- and second-tier cities throughout China, Bilibili‘s young group has become the leader of new consumption trends.

In the past year, 189 million users watched  videos featuring the unpacking of new products, while over 70% of users cited Bilibili as their go-to platform to see what’s new and reliable. More often than not, these young viewers believe Chinese brands and are more willing to take the initiative to understand what they want and need. Compared with last year, the average monthly broadcast volume of videos related to Chinese products on Bilibili increased by 75%.

Based on broadcast volume, user interaction, and bullet chats, this list can be regarded as a reference for brands to see consumers’ shopping habits, and for consumers to make better buying decisions.

In the home appliance category, more than 80% of them are new intelligent products, such as Narwal’s floor mopping robot, Fotile’s dishwasher, and Xiaomi‘s washing and drying machines. These results are consistent with the video data. The average monthly broadcast volume of videos related to new prominent household appliances in Bilibili has increased by over 116% compared with last year.

DJI, Huawei and Xiaomi dominate the digital category while in the sphere of EVs, XPeng P7, Lynk&Co 03 + Cyan and BYD’s Han EV were popular. In addition, light-weight travel products such as GIANT’s road bicycle and Ninebot’s electric skateboard were also popular.

The list shows the trend of young people pursuing more health-focused items. In the food and beverage category, popular items included Genki Forest’s sugar-free bubble water, Boohee’s 21-day diet plan, and Aficion’s black chocolate.

In the category of office daily necessities, Sihoo’s chair, Loctek’s lifting table, SKG’s neck massage device made the list, which suggests Gen Z isn’t just concerned about their health, but how to be healthy while being productive.

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Outdoor products such as Mobi Garden’s camping tents, Anta’s professional shoes, and pet-related products were new to the list this year. Mystery toy boxes, skateboards, musical instruments and board games also became popular. The video data also shows that the average monthly broadcast volume of outdoor and extreme sports related videos increased by 82% year-on-year.