Bilibili Releases First Uploader-Customized Digital Collection Series

Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili and one of its popular content uploaders jointly launched a series of customized digital collections on July 21, with a limited distribution of 5,000 copies. Each collection contains digital profile photos, interactive videos on web pages and high-definition copyright videos.

The uploader “Yidiandianbuyiyang” (亿点点不一样) has over 1.8 million fans on Bilibili, showing scientific phenomena to the audience from different perspectives with a high-definition lens. In the latest video, the uploader takes the audience into the underwater world and explores the mystery behind coral.

The theme of this digital collection is ocean exploration, with the protagonists taking on the roles of divers, sailors, explorers, mythological figures and more. The collection is distributed to the collection users in the form of digital profile photos, and it can also be integrated into the interactive video of the web page attached to the collection.

Each user will also receive a high-definition copyright video shot and produced by the uploader, which will open up the rights of physical derivatives production, sales and online secondary creation to collection users, and provide relevant authorization documents. Bilibili will officially announce the list of successful users and distribute digital profile photos at the end of July, and distribute interactive videos and copyrighted videos to users in August.

Bilibili said that digital collections are built on the UPowerchain in Bilibili, so they are unique and unchangeable. Distributing digital collections in the form of copyrighted videos will not only help protect uploaders’ copyright, and crack down on unauthorized video derivative work and theft, but it also open derivatives production and video derivative work rights.

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Previously, Bilibili has created a variety of digital collections in the UPowerchain, including the “Cheers! Peking Opera” series inspired by Mei Lanfang’s classic opera appearance, and the 10th-anniversary images of virtual singer Ling Yuan. In the future, the platform will continue to deepen the innovation of digital collections and give full play to the value of digital collections in spreading Chinese culture and promoting copyright protection.