Boeing Has Resumed Delivering Aircraft to China

On May 30th, Boeing China President Alvin Liu stated that Boeing continues to regard the Chinese market as a top priority, and there are great cooperation opportunities between Boeing and Shenzhen in low-altitude logistics.

Alvin Liu stated that in the next 20 years, China may need more than 8,500 new civil aircraft worth $550 billion for civil aviation services. China’s aviation market has huge development potential. ‘In the next decade, we predict that the total fleet size of operations in China will increase from over 4,300 aircraft to over 6,000.’

Regarding deliveries, Alvin Liu said: ‘Recent progress has been very good and smooth. We have now begun to resume delivery of new Boeing aircraft to the Chinese market, including the 737 MAX and 787 Dreamliner.’

Regarding the entry of China’s COMAC C919 into competition, Alvin Liu stated: ‘COMAC has achieved some successes, and we are also pleased to see them achieve these results. Boeing and COMAC have a very special relationship; we can say that we are both competitors and close partners.’

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Previously, Boeing and COMAC established a joint manufacturing center in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province. This is also the only manufacturing center that Boeing has established overseas so far.

Public information shows that Alvin Liu has served as Vice Chairman of Ford Motor Company Greater China, Vice President and General Counsel of Ford Motor Company International Market Group, and leader at Chrysler Automotive and Chrysler-Daimler Corporation. He joined Boeing in early 2022 and is responsible for leading Boeing’s government relations team in China. Currently, Boeing’s business in China contributes over $1.5 billion annually to the Chinese economy. In September 2023, Alvin Liu officially began serving as President of Boeing China.