BOOX and Bilibili Comics Jointly Launch E-Reader App

E-book reader brand BOOX announced Thursday that after a long period of development and debugging, the company has jointly launched an “e-ink” version of the comics app owned by major Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili. The app has now officially been placed on the shelves of all of BOOX’s e-book readers.

According to company officials, this is a new version of the app developed specifically for digital reading devices. In order to adapt to refresh features of e-ink screens, Bilibili simplified the app’s user interface, only keeping three tabs: “home page,” “bookshelf” and “mine.” Unnecessary advertisement displays and animation effects are also removed to keep the system pure and clean. BOOX also added buttons for turning pages and refreshing quickly.

BOOX was created and is owned by Onyxa, the world’s first company to apply Android 10 OS to e-readers. BOOX is a consumer electronics brand specializing in “e-ink” or “e-paper” devices to provide an eye-friendly reading experience and close-to-paper writing feel. All BOOX reading and writing tablets are based on Android and are ready for multitasking.

Distinguishing it from classic six-inch e-readers, BOOX is regarded for its large-screen Android-based e-ink tablets, such as the 13.3-inch BOOX Max Lumi, the 10.3-inch BOOX Note Air, and the 7.8-inch color e-ink tablet BOOX Nova3 Color.

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BOOX recently released a Nova AirC with an electromagnetic pen, with a starting price of 2,680 yuan ($421). Weighing only 245g, the Nova AirC adopts the fourth generation of color e-ink screen technology, which improves color contrast by 40% and saturation by 15%. In addition, the whiteness of the background color is increased by 10%, and the contrast between black and white is increased by 30%.