Buffett-Backed BYD Introduces Four Electric Vehicles Equipped with Blade Battery

Chinese automaker BYD launches four new electric vehicle models equipped with Blade Battery in Chongqing on Wednesday. At the press conference, the company unveiled its Tang EV, Qin Plus EV, Song Plus EV, and E2 2021 equipped with the Blade Battery, designed to mitigate concerns about battery safety in electric vehicles.

Tang EV 2021

The Tang EV 2021’s endurance is improved thanks to the blade battery. The car sprints 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 4.4 seconds. Once fully charged, it can be driven for 565 km.

In terms of appearance, Tang EV continues to use the Dragon Face design. Equipped with an intelligent four-wheel-drive system, it can distribute the appropriate torque to the front and rear wheels depending on speed and load.

The Tang EV is available in three distinct versions, with the four-wheel-drive model priced at 283,500 yuan ($43,306) and the long run-time model priced at 279,500 yuan ($42,695).

Qin Plus EV

Apart from the lamp unit in the shape of an arrow feather, the Qin Plus EV also follows the Dragon Face design of Han EV.

Capable of running for 600km, the car sprints 0-50 km/h (0-31 mph) in 4 seconds.

The vehicle supports the NFC function, meaning that it can be unlocked by holding the mobile phone near the rearview mirror. The power consumption for 100 kilometers is only 12.9kWh. If used normally, a full charge is enough for a two-week commute.

A remote-control driving function is also available. By connecting the mobile phone and the vehicle by Bluetooth, you can start, stop, forward, backward and left-right steer the vehicle at no more than 2km/h within 10 meters around the vehicle.

Song Plus EV

The most attractive feature of Song Plus Ev is that it can be controlled in real-time by mobile phone. For example, when you cannot find your car in the garage, you can use your mobile phone to make the car flash its lights or honk. The seats can be warmed up by remote control before you sit. The door, windows and air conditioner can also be opened or closed by just pressing one key in your phone.

E2 2021

E2 of 2021 includes three versions, with prices ranging from 99,800 yuan ($15,245) to 115,800 yuan ($17,689) after subsidies. In spite of the low price, this model performs well in driving mileage. A full charge supports it for 401km.

At the press conference, Wang also expounded their development goals in the field of energy usage. To address the issue of oil supply security, as well as to reach the carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality goals set by the Chinese government, the company will make full efforts to develop its dual-mode and electricity-driven vehicles.

Wang said, “battery ignition and explosion will become the biggest enemy of the sustainable development of electric vehicles market”. The Blade Battery, independently developed by BYD, is safer than a ternary lithium battery. To prove this claim, two battery safety experiments were introduced in the press release—”nail penetration test” and “truck rolling test”.

Through a nail penetration test, the most rigorous way to test the thermal runaway of batteries, it has been proved that Blade Battery won’t explode even at 30-60 degrees. In another second test, after being repeatedly run over by a truck weighting 46 ton, the battery module of Han EV is still good in function.

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And as far as the current global chip shortage is concerned, Wang said that BYD was not affected by it due to their strong adaptability, independent research and development of chips for electric vehicles.