BYD and TikTok List in TIME100 Most Influential Companies of 2022

Time magazine on Thursday selected the top 100 most influential enterprises in the world in 2022. Electric vehicle maker BYD, short video app TikTok, Apple, Google, Microsoft made it among the top in the list.

The list is divided into five parts, including Pioneers, Leaders, Innovators, Titans and Disruptors.

As for Chinese enterprises, TikTok, a short video application owned by ByteDance, was selected as one of the Disruptors. Time noted its viral sensation thanks to its more than 1 billion users.

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Meanwhile, BYD was selected as one of the Titans and was the only car company on the list. Under CEO Wang Chuanfu, the company sold almost 600,000 all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in China – the world’s largest auto market – last year, an increase of 232% annually. BYD’s EVs can also be found everywhere from Brazil to Australia.

Global tech firms were mainly concentrated among the Titans. Companies on the list include Apple, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Amazon, IBM, Facebook’s parent company Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Netflix. The theme of Time’s analysis was that Apple was flexing its muscles. Time noted that Apple defended consumer privacy by applying its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) function in 2021, which was an important step in the direction of protecting user privacy.

Most of these 100 enterprises are headquartered in the US, while Chinese technology giants Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei are not on the list this year. TSMC and Samsung, which were listed as Titans last year, and Tesla, which was listed as Disruptors enterprises last year, all lost ground this year.