BYD FANG CHENG BAO Unveils 2 New Car Models for the First Time

On August 17th, BYD held the FANG CHENG BAO brand technology launch event last night. The first model, SUPER 5, made its debut. After the debut of SUPER 5, similar to the “Yangwang” brand launch event earlier this year, the FANG CHENG BAO brand also brought “One more thing” – the full-size new energy hardcore off-road concept car SUPER 8. Just like U9 in Yangwang’s debut, there was almost no information revealed to the outside world before its appearance at the launch event.

From the appearance, the new car adopts a more aggressive design language compared to the SUPER 5. The official claims that it “integrates cyber-industrial aesthetics with muscularity,” featuring a “strong and spacious body” and “advanced and pure body surfaces.” In terms of details, the car incorporates various futuristic designs, including a closed front grille, hidden door handles, and electronic rearview mirrors.


The overall design of the car leans towards a simple style, with features such as large bumpers, wide-body kits, and an externally mounted spare tire that enhance the ruggedness of this off-road vehicle. The body posture appears massive and strong. However, as a concept car, more detailed information about its specifications has not been released yet. It is expected that the production model will have positioning and configurations somewhere between SUPER 5 and Yangwang U8.

In addition, the official of FANG CHENG BAO also mentioned that the third model – SUPER 3 is currently in the research and development stage. From the PPT officially released on-site, it can be vaguely seen that this car will be a compact new energy hardcore off-road vehicle, but the actual car has not been unveiled yet. At that time, FANG CHENG BAO will form a product matrix called “FANG CHENG BAO 583 Hardcore Family”, claiming to provide more exclusive support for personalized car needs of different groups.