BYD Launches 2022 Song MAX DM-i Model

On March 12, Shenzhen-based automaker BYD announced that the 2022 Song MAX DM-i model was officially launched with five versions, at a price ranging from 145,800 yuan to 172,800 yuan ($23,007-$27,267).

The model’s DM-i plug-in hybrid system is mainly electric, which adopts a hybrid structure with a high-power motor drive and large-capacity power battery as the main part of its power system, while the engine as an auxiliary function.

The appearance of the new model adopts the firm’s signature design known as “Dragon Face.” The car comes in six-seat and seven-seat versions, offering seats in a new “snowcap cocoa brown” color and a 652L large-volume trunk.

In terms of power, this model is equipped with DM-i plug-in hybrid powertrain, which consists of three parts: 1.5L Xiaoyun engine for plug-in hybrid vehicles, electric hybrid system (EHS) and its special designed blade battery. Among them, the Xiaoyun engine works in Atkinson cycle mode with a maximum power of 81kW and a peak torque of 135 N·m while the maximum power of the permanent magnet synchronous motor is 145kW with a peak torque of 325 N·m.

The Song MAX DM-i model has been launched two pure electric endurance versions of 51km and 105km respectively. These two versions are equipped with a power blade battery designed exclusively for the DM-i hybrid system.

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The MAX DM-i model’s power loss and fuel consumption is 4.4L and its cruising range can reach 1090km when charged with electricity and gasoline. Its 105km version also supports fast charging and can be brought from 30% to 80% in just 30 minutes. In addition, the model’s acceleration from 0-100km/h needs only 7.9 seconds, while it is equipped with EHS, the DiLink 4.0 system and DiPilot ADAS.