BYD to Unveil Self-Developed System “Yun Nian” on April 10

BYD, a Chinese company specializing in new energy vehicles, announced the release of its “Yun Nian” System will be on April 10. The system is expected to integrate intelligent driving systems, cockpits and perception components, creating an innovative vehicle ecosystem.

It will be another self-developed technology achievement by BYD after key technologies such as DM (dual mode) hybrid, e-Platform, blade battery, CTB (cell to body) technology and Yisifang architecture were released. It is expected to be used in models such as Yangwang, Denza, F series and Han series.

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In fact, BYD only recently registered the trademark “Yun Nian”. According to people familiar with the matter, this trademark may represent a completely new technology for BYD related to the integration of smart new energy vehicles. It is a technology developed entirely in-house by BYD and will bring disruptive technological demonstrations at its launch event.

Earlier this year, BYD unveiled the Yisifang architecture. Based on the new platform, BYD unveiled a mass-produced car model, Yangwang U8, showcasing ultimate safety performance under extreme off-road conditions.

It’s worth mentioning that according to insider sources, there will also be another disruptive technology released by BYD in the second half of this year.

In the first two months of 2023, BYD sold a total of 193,655 units. Of these, pure electric cars accounted for 90,000 units while plug-in hybrid models made up the remaining 101,342 units.