BYD to Unveil ‘Xuanji’ Architecture at 2024 Dream Day Event

BYD has announced the introduction of a new intelligent vehicle base, the “Xuanji“ architecture, which will be unveiled at the “2024 Dream Day” event on January 16th. The “Xuanji” architecture is structured into three tiers, each designed to fit into different brands and models.

According to BYD, the Yangwang brand models will be equipped with the highest level of the “Xuanji” architecture, featuring advanced LiDAR technology and Nvidia’s latest computing chips. These features aim to provide enhanced driving assistance and the potential for conditional autonomous driving.

Models under the Tengshi and Fangcheng Leopard brands will incorporate selected features of the “Xuanji” architecture, focusing on achieving a balance between cost and performance. BYd’s dynasty series models will also adopt corresponding driving assistance systems from the “Xuanji” architecture.

In addition to the new architecture, BYD has independently developed 4nm and 6nm chips and a self-developed Yunian system. These technologies, along with the Fangcheng Leopard 8 and Yangwang drones, will be displayed at the event.

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