BYD Unveils New E-Bus Blade Platform in Germany

Shenzhen-based new energy vehicle and battery firm BYD attended IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover, Germany on September 19, during which it revealed its new e-bus blade platform, alongside two zero-emission e-trucks and a newly upgraded 12m e-bus.

IAA Transportation is one of the oldest professional exhibitions in Germany and the largest commercial auto show in the world. It is known as a key barometer of the commercial car industry. After an absence of four years, the biennial IAA Transportation’s scope expanded this year from commercial vehicles and trucks to the entire transportation sector.

As popular models of BYD’s truck family, the 7.5-ton urban delivery truck and 19-ton truck are dedicated to urban logistics and sanitation respectively. They are equipped with BYD’s self-developed lithium-iron phosphate battery and integrated drive technology, with a cruising range of more than 200 kilometers.

As the world’s only automaker to have mastered batteries, motors, electronic control, vehicle-grade semiconductors and other core technology, BYD launched a new lithium-iron phosphate battery named the “blade battery” in March 2020. Compared with ternary lithium batteries, blade batteries have the advantages of high safety, long life cycle and low cost, and the BYD Han is the first passenger car model equipped with this innovative product.

In the field of commercial vehicles, BYD released a new-generation e-bus blade platform for the first time at this auto show, featuring the ultra-safe blade battery. The new platform adopts the European standard modular design to achieve the most effective matching with the vehicle body factory. The e-bus chassis equipped with blade batteries is safer, more comfortable and more intelligent. BYD has a rich product matrix of pure electric buses and trucks, and is the world’s first firm to achieve the large-scale commercial operation of electric buses.

BYD’s e-bus blade platform (Source: BYD)

After 24 years of effort, BYD’s business in Europe has covered solar energy, energy storage, electric buses, trucks and forklifts and other new energy fields, with operations in more than 20 countries and more than 100 cities in Europe. BYD said it will work with more European partners to carry out diversified cooperation and provide overall solutions for zero-emission public transport in the European market.

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BYD has already appeared in major industry exhibitions around the world. As early as 2008, BYD brought the F3DM model to the Geneva International Auto Show, marking the first time the firm appeared in a European auto show. The F3DM model is the world’s first mass-produced hybrid powertrain new energy vehicle. BYD will also participate in the 2022 Paris Motor Show in October, where it will launch new energy passenger cars in Europe to be sold and delivered in Q4 of this year. There are more than 2.4 million BYD new energy vehicles on the road as of August, of which 90,000 are commercial vehicles.