BYD’s Changsha Factory Experiences A “Mass Resignation”

Recently, reporters interviewed several former employees of BYD in Changsha and conducted an investigation as job applicants. It was learned that there have been mass resignations among workers at the Wangcheng and Yuhua factories under BYD in Changsha, China.

Among them, after some workers at BYD’s Wangcheng factory resigned, they received a reply stating that “the quota for resignations this month (April) has been filled”; the Yuhua factory has started to resume hiring general workers to supplement personnel.

According to the investigation, the recent reduction in workload and salary decline are direct reasons for some workers choosing to leave. Behind the decrease in worker workload and utilization rate of production capacity may be due to a slowdown in demand downstream of the industrial chain.

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Compared to the peak sales in November and December last year, BYD‘s new energy vehicle monthly sales have decreased by about 10%. However, at the same time, towards the goal of becoming China’s largest automaker before the end of this year, BYD has not hesitated in expanding its production capacity.

BYD’s target for new energy vehicle sales this year is over 3 million units with a production capacity plan exceeding 4 million units.

Previously, BYD’s latest sales report revealed that the company sold about 210,000 new energy vehicles in April.

As one-third of this year has passed, the cumulative sales for the first four months are approximately 760,000 vehicles. Compared with the annual target of 3 million vehicles, there is still some distance to go.