BYD’s Personalized Brand Vehicle “Fang Cheng Bao” Will Be Announced Soon

On June 7th, it was announced that today is the first day of the 2023 college entrance examination in China. BYD officially began to use this hot topic to promote its upcoming F brand “Fang Cheng Bao” car.

First, BYD used a poem by poet Wang Wei to announce the arrival of its “professional personalized brand”, with a focus on the word Bao.

Subsequently, BYD released a mathematical “equation”, and the answer is obviously 6.9, indicating that the brand new “Fang Cheng Leopard” will be unveiled on June 9th. According to this pattern, it is believed that BYD will release more news during tomorrow’s Chinese college entrance examination in liberal arts/comprehensive science and foreign language exams. Stay tuned.

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The official Weibo account of “Fang Cheng Bao” has been verified, and it is basically confirmed to be the new BYD “F brand”. However, this Weibo account has not yet released any news. According to previous revelations, the first model of the BYD F brand will be a new energy hardcore off-road vehicle that emphasizes both hardcore off-road capabilities and luxury.

The car has a square and tough body just like the Yangan U8, but its size will be significantly smaller than the Yangwang U8. The length of the car is close to 5 meters, and the wheelbase reaches 2.8 meters. The official once listed a set of numbers “2316” to promote the main features of the new car, which were interpreted as: equipped with dual motors, front, middle and rear differential locks, endurance exceeding 1000 kilometers, 6 driving modes and will be released in June.