ByteDance Releases ‘Doubao MarsCode’ Tool with Code Completion Function

ByteDance has released a new intelligent development tool called “MarsCode”, which is built on the powerful Doubao large model, aiming to provide efficient and intelligent programming experience for developers in China, and it is fully open for free use.

According to the introduction, MarsCode has two main forms: a programming assistant and Cloud IDE, providing developers with a series of powerful functions from project Q&A, code completion to unit test generation, Bug Fix, etc. As an integrated development environment (IDE), MarsCode not only supports over 100 programming languages and extensions of mainstream IDEs but also comes with advanced AI assistants to make programming more intelligent and convenient.

The AI assistant feature of MarsCode is one of its core highlights. It can provide code suggestions for single lines or entire functions during the coding process, helping developers complete their code writing quickly. Additionally, this AI assistant also has natural language understanding capabilities, allowing it to generate corresponding code snippets based on developers’ comments and descriptions, greatly improving programming efficiency. Furthermore, MarsCode’s AI assistant can explain project code, optimize the quality of problem solutions, and provide intelligent recommendations for optimization to make the code more efficient and stable.

In addition to the powerful AI assistant function, MarsCode also provides a secure and reliable cloud development environment. Users do not need to download and configure cumbersome development tools, just gently click in the browser to quickly initialize the development environment. This cloud development environment supports project creation from templates and importing projects from Git repositories, meeting diverse needs of developers for project development.

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