ByteDance’s Cloud Service Volcengine Releases Full Range of Cloud Products, Helping Digital Transformation of Enterprises

On Thursday, after upgrading to the enterprise-level technical service business segment in Chinese internet giant ByteDance, Volcengine made its debut and released a full range of cloud products including cloud infrastructure, video and content distribution, data processing and artificial intelligence, with a total of 78 services.

Cloud-native architecture enables Volcengine to better support cloud interconnect and cross-cloud collaboration. In order to build an open cloud ecosystem, Volcengine launched a plan with the goal of uniting 1,000 partners throughout the next three years to help 100,000 customers realize digital transformation.

Volcengine’s cloud products are the external output of ByteDance technology. Yang Zhenyuan, Vice President of ByteDance, believes that ByteDance has built a cloud native architecture with agility as its core, which supports the rapid innovation and iteration of the company’s business.

Since its launch in June 2020, Volcengine has made ByteDance’s technical tools open source globally. At present, it serves industries including internet, smartphone, finance, automobiles and advanced manufacturing.

According to reports, Volcengine provides end-to-end performance optimization, from basic hardware to business scenarios based on ByteDance large-scale practice and technological innovation. Taking its customized data center as an example, the average power usage effectiveness (PUE) is only 1.16, far lower than the average PUE of 1.59 in large-scale data centers around the world.

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In addition, many partners also provide strong support for Volcengine. Chen Baoli, vice president of Intel Marketing Group, said that Intel and Volcengine engage in in-depth cooperation. For example, the customized CPU has improved the performance of Intel’s big data business by 52%.