ByteDance’s Dali Education Pulls Brakes

The four major online businesses of Dali Education, ByteDance’s standalone education technology brand, all reportedly announced the stopping of services via their official websites on Friday. The platforms, which are named “GoGoKid,” “NPY,” “Qingbei” and “Tangyuan English,” had all officially stopped operating before the end of last year, among which “Tangyuan English” also provided a compensation window for paying users.

At the same time, Dali Education recently launched an educational service platform “Tan Shuiyuan,” which is regarded as part of the transformation of ByteDance’s education business. According to its official website, “Tan Shuiyuan” is committed to cooperating with various parties to build high-quality teaching and research resources, boosting knowledge sharing among teachers and serving their professional growth.

The platform systematically helps teachers to improve their professional abilities and knowledge exchange through diversified services such as training courses, training and learning, teaching materials and expert guidance, thus injecting “Shuiyuan” (Chinese for “fountainhead,” or “driving force”) into the professional development of each teacher. At present, an app with the same name has been launched.

Since the implementation of the “double reduction” policy by Chinese authorities last year, many online education enterprises in China began to seek transformation, and reduced their business and manpower. Among them, many online education projects of Dali Education were cut shortly after the implementation of the policy, and large-scale layoffs in the education business line were exposed. At present, ByteDance is exploring educational aids, parent communities, teacher communities, adult vocational education and so on.

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Previously, the four major education-related business fronts of ByteDance were all involved in the field of quality education. “GoGoKid” is an online English brand for children, providing “one-on-one” North American teachers’ tutoring courses for children aged 4-12, while “NPY” offers livestreaming courses to kids aged 3-12 in small classes. In the second half of 2020, ByteDance completed the acquisition of “NPY.”

“Qingbei” is an online education platform for interactive teaching in primary and secondary schools. Through small-class teaching, it matches children’s individual needs and provides Beijing’s high-quality teaching resources to primary and secondary school students in emerging cities. This product was officially launched in August 2020.

“Tangyuan English” is an English learning and dating app, which was filed by the Ministry of Education on December 24, 2019.