ByteDance’s New Mobile Game Ranks Second Among iOS Free Games on First Day

Hot Blood Street Basketball, developed by ByteDance’s wholly-owned subsidiary – Beijing Zhaoxiguangnian Information Technology, ranked in second place on the list of free games on iOS App Store just one day after the public beta was released.

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The street basketball mobile game features a classic 3 on 3 game format, with controls including a virtual joystick and buttons. In addition, the game includes a skill tree approach to progression, where users can create and customize basketball players with different stats and appearances.

Since its release on the morning of March 12, “Hot Blood Street Basketball” has surpassed Tencent’s hit games “Honor of Kings” and “Peacekeeper Elite” and is second only to a tile-matching game.

Many view the launch of “Hot Blood Street Basketball” as ByteDance continuing to challenge incumbent gaming giant Tencent. It was previously reported that TikTok’s parent company plans to launch two mobile games related to the Japanese anime “One Piece,” one multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, one street basketball game (“Hot Blood Street Basketball”), and several massive multiplayer online (MMO) games.

Before the new basketball game, “Combat of Hero,” a martial arts-themed casual game published by ByteDance-owned Ohayoo studio, topped the free iOS title chart in Japan and is trending in other Asian markets.

ByteDance remains determined to diversity its revenue streams and invest in the gaming industry. The world’s most valuable start-up has acquired a number of gaming studios while its popular social media platforms such as Douyin (or TikTok) and Toutiao have helped to drive traffic and ad revenue.