ByteDance’s “Xindong Waimai” Food Delivery Service Mini Program Receives Approval

According to Tianyancha, a Chinese commercial inquiry platform, ByteDance’s “Xindong Waimai” food delivery mini program has been officially registered and approved, with a registration number of 2021SR1481161 and the approval date of October 11, 2021.

In fact, as early as July this year, it was revealed that ByteDance had decided to enter the food delivery industry. This coincided with reports that Douyin, the Chinese version of video sharing platform TikTok, had set up a special food delivery business team at that time and began to conduct internal testing in the app.

The logo exposed at that time showed that the food delivery business in Douyin was named “Xindong Waimai,” with the slogan: “Xindong Waimai, Eat What You Love.”

According to the recent report, insiders revealed that the delivery service will invite catering businesses on Douyin to join the platfrom, while the restaurants will provide distribution services independently.

According to the analysis of Chinese media outlet Kuaikeji, Douyin may not start a food delivery service from scratch, but instead will build a food delivery platform in aggregator model, cooperating with existing platforms such as and Meituan for business diversion.

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In addition to the take-out business, it has been reported before that ByteDance will enter the automobile and taxi industry. Although the company has come forward to refute rumors of a taxi project, the Douyin Car logo going viral on the internet is highly credible, as it is very consistent with the Douyin logo style.

At present, while maintaining its original business, ByteDance is rapidly expanding into other fields, and may eventually become an aggregated enterprise like Tencent and Alibaba in the future, securing its place as one of the leading internet giants in China.