CAE Developer Supreium Obtains Nearly 100M Yuan in A-Round Financing

Supreium, a Beijing-based industrial software developer, announced it has obtained nearly 100 million yuan ($14.96 million) in A and A+ rounds of financing. The leading investors were IDG and Sequoia China, followed by AAMA Fund, Shuimu Tsinghua and Fangxin Capital. The new funds are intended primarily for expanding R&D investment, accelerating new product development, recruiting R&D talent, and speeding up marketing and brand building.

Founded in 2016, Supreium focuses on the research and application of computer-aided engineering and intelligent industrial design, and independently develops the underlying algorithm solver to provide cloud-native intelligent cloud simulation and smart design services.

The CAE core solver of the die-casting simulation cloud computing platform “SARES” is deployed on supercomputing, and users can access CAE’s simulation service online by logging into the platform remotely with a browser. The SaaS-based CAE computing significantly reduces the procurement, maintenance cost, and usage threshold for enterprise users, helping manufacturing companies improve their CAE simulation design capability.

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Supreium has also developed an automatic defect identification software system called ” Sares-ADR.” The intelligent algorithm is used in the field of nondestructive testing. By combining with X-ray imaging systems or industrial CT on the production line, the system can monitor and automatically identify and mark product defects in the production process in real time, establishing a three-dimensional digital model base to provide data support for subsequent design, process optimization and intelligent decision-making.

In addition, its smart design app, “SupreDesign,” can automatically complete the design of die-casting mold gate, runners and cooling systems, greatly reducing the dependence of design process on experience and realizing standardization.