CATL Industrial Project Starts Construction in Lingang, Shanghai

Shanghai’s Lingang New Area held a commencement ceremony on Saturday for a group of construction projects including the “CATL (Shanghai) Smart Technology Integrated Electric Chassis Development Project” and the “Riting Shanghai Smart Power System Project (Phase II).”

CATL, short for Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd., is Tesla’s largest battery supplier in China, where it operates a factory in Shanghai. It is likely that the CATL factory will provide direct supply to Tesla, thus boosting the capacity of Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory.

In August 2021, CATL concluded a cooperation agreement with Shanghai’s Lingang New Area, with a proposed investment of 2.8 billion yuan ($442 million). The project leverages CATL’s world-leading extreme manufacturing system and construction experience of global lighthouse factories. It will build a green and efficient intelligent factory in Lingang, optimize the layout of new energy industry, and address the industry problems such as mileage anxiety and fast charging, for the purpose of upgrading key technologies in the industry.

The project covers a total of 283,721 square meters, as well as a construction totaling 350,000square meters. CATL plans to erect ten buildings: one PTO plant, one PTO test plant, two M&P plants, three raw material warehouses, two finished product warehouses and one R&D office building.

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Actually, a total of 14 projects have started construction in Lingang New Area recently, covering frontier industries such as new energy vehicles, biomedicine and civil aviation, as well as residential, municipal transportation and ecological environments. These projects cover a total construction area of 1.08 million square meters, and involve investment of 18.742 billion yuan.