CATL Launches First EVOGO Battery Swap Services in Xiamen

Chinese battery maker Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) officially launched its EVOGO battery swap services in Xiamen, in southeast China’s Fujian Province, making it the world’s first EVOGO city.

The first four fastswap battery stations that began operations are located in the districts of Siming, Huli and Haicang. By the end of this year, the number of fast-swap battery stations in Xiamen is expected to total more than 30 after which drivers will be able to find such stations within any 3km radius on the island..

In January this year, Contemporary Amperex Energy Service Technology Ltd. (CAES), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CATL, launched a new service for electric vehicles called EVOGO featuring modular battery swapping. Power swap stations equipped with the service can store up to 48 battery blocks and take only about a minute to replace a single battery block.

With the support of the latest CTP (cell to pack) technology, swapping electric blocks can achieve a weight energy density of over 160 Wh/kg and a volume energy density of 325 Wh/L, enabling a single block to provide a driving range of 200 km. Meanwhile, each block is compatible with more than 80% of the current BEV platform-based vehicle models around the world and are future-proofed for the models to be released within the next three years.

These swapping electric blocks are designed to suit vehicles ranging from Class-A00, Class-B, and Class-C passenger cars to logistics vehicles.

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At present, the special offer for renting one Choco-SEB block is 399 yuan ($62.68) per month, which will be dynamically adjusted according to different level of power consumption by users. For each battery swap service provided at the stations, the charge is almost the same as that of the fast charging services, and it is subject to dynamic adjustment according to demand and availability.