CATL: Li Auto MEGA Model Equips with Qilin Battery

On September 1st, CATL announced that “Qilin Battery,” can help Li Auto‘s first pure electric vehicle model, the Li Auto MEGA, achieve a 12-minute charge for 500 kilometers.

CATL also stated that the batteries used in the Ideal MEGA can achieve a peak 5C charging rate, which can systematically improve the micro-transportation speed of lithium-ion and expand the overcurrent capability boundary of the battery. At the same time, it also supports functions such as optimizing internal resistance to reduce heat generation and synchronously improving battery system cooling capacity.

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Li Auto claimed to achieve the goal of charging 500 kilometers in 12 minutes with high-voltage pure electric vehicles. Their self-built 5C supercharging network is currently under rapid construction.

Li Auto previously planned to build 3000 Li Supercharging Stations by 2025, and ensure sufficient deployment and preparation of the Li High-Speed Supercharging Network before the delivery of pure electric vehicle models.