CATL Partners With US’s Primergy to Exclusively Supply Batteries for Gemini Project

Chinese battery giant CATL announced on October 18 that it has reached an agreement with Primergy Solar LLC, a US-based distributed photovoltaics and energy storage operator, to exclusively supply batteries for its Gemini project. This undertaking is located near Las Vegas, Nevada, with total investment of $1.2 billion.

Primergy designed a DC coupled system for the Gemini project, which innovatively combined solar modules with CATL energy storage systems to maximize efficiency. The leading Chinese battery company will provide Primergy with EnerOne, an outdoor liquid-cooled energy storage product with long life, high integration and high safety. This product adopts lithium iron phosphate core with high thermal stability, and its cycle life can reach 10,000 times, which will guarantee the stable operation of Gemini project and meet Primergy’s demand for safe and reliable operations.

Gemini has deployed 690 MWAC/966 MWDC solar panels and a 1.416 GWH energy storage system, which will become one of the largest photovoltaic energy storage projects in the US after its completion. Earlier this year, Primergy completed a comprehensive and detailed procurement process, selecting several leading global equipment suppliers and construction partners for the Gemini project.

The energy storage industry now has great market development potential and more extensive application scenarios. CATL, as the top battery company in the world in terms of installed battery capacity, is also expanding its business in the field of energy storage.

In terms of overseas layout, in addition to the latest cooperation mentioned above, on October 5, KBVIP and Intretech Hungary Kft, a subsidiary of Xiamen Intretech Inc., signed a demonstration cooperation agreement on optical storage and charging inspections in Budapest, Hungary, and implemented an optical storage and charging inspection project. KBVIP is a joint venture established by CATL and BACN, a digital lithium battery service provider in China. It has obtained strategic investment from Xiaomi and is committed to becoming a world-leading energy services provider for optical storage, charging and inspection.

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On September 21, CATL announced that it had reached a cooperation agreement with FlexGen, a US-based energy storage technology platform and solutions provider, to supply 10GWh of advanced energy storage products to the latter within three years.

At the beginning of September, CATL signed a strategic cooperation pact with Sungrow Power Supply for energy storage and other new energy fields. According to the agreement, they will jointly explore the global optical storage integration market. The two sides will expand cooperation in product innovation and global application of energy storage systems, jointly promote industrial synergy, and help the sustainable development of the new energy industry.

Within China, on September 19, CATL and GCL Power signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement. According to the deal, both sides will carry out technical cooperation and exchange on the universality of battery swapping station heavy duty trucks. They will also optimize battery costs across the whole life cycle, according to application scenarios involving heavy duty trucks and energy storage, so as to realize the cascade utilization of batteries in the energy storage field.