CCTV Announces Exclusive Partnership with Kuaishou on Spring Festival Gala

On December 25, CCTV officially announced popular short video platform Kuaishou as the exclusive interactive partner of its Spring Festival Gala. Kuaishou is the first company to collaborate with CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala on digital red pockets after BAT (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent), the three internet giants of China. During the press conference, Kuaishou announced that over 1 billion yuan worth of red pockets will be sent out during 2020’s Spring Festival Gala.

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During 2020’s Spring Festival Gala, over 1 billion yuan red pockets will be sent out by Kuaishou (Source: Caiwei Chen/Pandaily)

The theme of this year’s digital red pockets interaction activity is “Thumbs Up for the Chinese New Year”. Kuaishou will for the first time use the form of “video + thumbs up” to issue the largest amount of red pockets in the history of the Spring Festival Gala. To get the cash, users will only need to browse short videos and give “thumbs up”s on Kuaishou’s app. Kuaishou will also launch a series of interactive games including “collecting virtual cards to get cash-back” to engage the users during the Spring Festival.