CEO George Zhao: Honor to Continue Exploring Overseas Markets

George Zhao, the CEO of Chinese tech firm Honor, mentioned in an interview that this year, the firm’s overseas market operations will be fully launched along with its high-speed development in the domestic market, iFeng reported on July 15.

Regarding the Chinese market, Honor released some high-end smartphone models like the Magic4, Magic V and Honor 70 series in the first half of 2022. In terms of the brand’s products and strategic planning in the second half of this year, Zhao revealed that the team is busy making preparations for the launch of new flagship models and the Magic OS operating system 7.0.

According to Zhao: “The pure system Magic OS will bring consumers the best experience in the industry regarding full scenarios, multi-device integration and future intelligence. We can’t reveal too much information about new flagship models. The model is expected to be the strongest new folding phone when we release it.”

Exploring overseas markets is the core strategy of Honor in 2022, which is also the first year of the firm’s internationalization. According to Zhao, the firm started its expansion of global markets in March this year. In the key markets, Honor’s operation system and several newly released products have been launched in succession. The firm’s product series in the first half of 2022 has been basically completed.

Zhao believes that the firm will adhere to its core business and steady operations, although the global industry has encountered difficulties, and clearing inventory at low prices is very common overseas. In addition, the company enters the global market depending on quality and experience instead of low prices, according to its core operation concept.

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Zhao said that only two 5G products have been launched in Europe at present – one is the Magic4 Pro and the other is the Honor X9. In addition, the Honor 70 and more 5G products will be released in the European and global markets in the second half of 2022. There will be a relatively complete series layout in overseas markets around the third or fourth quarter.