Changhong IT and Tencent Become General Agents of Nintendo Switch in Chinese Mainland

Changhong IT, an ICT integrated service provider based in China, announced on Monday that it has reached an agreement with Chinese tech giant Tencent to become the general agent of Nintendo Switch products in Mainland China. Both parties will carry out marketing, channel expansion, terminal development and consumer empowerment in Chinese mainland market.

As an integrated ICT service provider, Changhong IT actively deploys its services in the game-related business fields of intelligent connection and interactive entertainment while helping brand owners get seen in China and the Asia-Pacific region. This latest deal adds to the list of other companies Changhong IT works for, namely Razer, MSI, Kimtigo, EDIFIER and other brands in China and Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries.

Nintendo is well known for its many popular characters, high-quality games and creative game consoles. The company officially launched the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. The device has proved to be versatile as it can be switched to several different modes, including TV mode, handheld mode and desktop mode.

At present, Tencent has introduced a variety of games released by the Nintendo Switch, covering different types such as somatosensory, adventure and strategic management all of which have proven to give consumers value for their money. In the agreement with Tencent, Changhong IT has built a three-dimensional distribution matrix on the Internet.

Based on Tencent‘s long-term strategic layout of the console, its games and the mobile game market, Changhong IT’s strategic investment in a pan-intelligent terminal business in the form of metaverse in the game mutual entertainment sector, both parties will jointly promote the development of a broader game ecology in the Chinese mainland market.

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According to CNG Data, the actual sales revenue of China’s game industry exceeded 290 billion yuan ($43.52 billion) in 2021, with the scale of the game console market was nearly 10 billion yuan, and the scale of China’s console game market reached 2.58 billion yuan, an increase of 22.3% compared with last year. The number of console game users in China is expected to reach 8.208 million over the next few years.