Checking Out the Futuristic XPeng G3 at Happy Valley!

Unlike traditional automobile brands, XPeng’s marketing has always been stylish and energetic as their main focus is to attract younger audiences. At Happy Valley, one could easily see the connection between the exciting high-tech vehicles and the thrilling fun that the amusement park brings.

It is said that the front of the car is like the face of the car, it represents the vehicle’s spirit and this is where manufacturers and designers pour most of their innovative energies and ideas into. It gives the car a unique character, just like how, in Transformers, Bumblebee’s is a Chevrolet and Optimus Prime is a Peterbilt truck.

What is most fascinating about XPeng G3’s exterior is that its windshield is merged with the sun roof creating a massive 1.9 windshield that provides an extended panoramic view of the sky. The design is said to ensure safe travels by expanding the driver’s field of vision. The G3’s LED lights were inspired by the lightsabers from the Star Wars. As a staff member told us, “The combination of the front windshield and its air-inlet grille leaves a more cohesive and well-rounded impression than traditional vehicles do.”

XPeng G3

“The grey G3 looks to me like a visionary car, with its smoothly-curved lines and high-tech equipment as well as its astonishing interactive and autonomous driving features.” says one of the young men waiting in line for the AI recognition machine that the company had installed next to the exhibition booth. Participants crossing their arms like an “X”, mimicking the shape of the XPeng logo in front of the AI recognition machine, received a small gift.

Ever since the launch of the G3 at the CES, XPeng has made multiple moves regarding their marketing strategies. From August 18 to September 2, XPeng held a G3 exhibition that lasted for 16 days at the K11 Art Mall in Guangzhou, with K11 Investment as one of the main investors in its Series B funding. The white vehicle and the art installation of “Van Gogh’s ear” gave an artistic vibe to the urban landscape.

In July, XPeng became the sponsor of the Chinese version of the hit American variety show Saturday Night Live, making it the first Chinese EV company ever to sponsor an online variety show.

As an EV startup, the company’s internet gene is not only embedded in its design and manufacturing, but also in its retail and branding operations. “This strategic cooperation with Saturday Night Live (SNL) is the debut of XPeng’s brand marketing. Internet variety shows are the entertainment innovations of the Internet. The main users of XPeng are of the internet generation, therefore we strongly value the internet gene of the show, and we hope to receive more recognition in new original ways.” says Mr. Lu Xiaobo, XPeng’s marketing director, “Our vision is to build highly-intelligent AI cars, providing users with accommodating, intelligent and practical functions. The self-parking feature that was presented on SNL is an innovation that is specifically designed for parking dilemmas in China and matches 70 to 80 percent of possible parking scenarios.”