Cheetah Mobile Vice President Keynotes Microsoft Tech Summit 2018 in Shanghai

During the recent Microsoft Shanghai Tech Summit held at the Shanghai World Expo Center, Cheetah Mobile, the leading mobile internet company was one of the participants. Li Liang, Vice President of Cheetah Mobile, gave a keynote speech about Cheetah Mobile’s focus on promoting digital transformation through AI-powered products and services.

Liang stated, “I am honored to have spoken at this prestigious event and am looking forward to Cheetah Mobile’s continued relationship with Microsoft about developing products that solve real-life pain points and increase efficiency for people and businesses.”

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Cheetah Mobile and Microsoft have been working together since 2017, when it integrated Microsoft’s intelligent voice assistant Cortana into its popular launcher app, CM Launcher. Cortana enables CM Launcher users to easily control the app with voice commands, as well as using voice commands to make voice calls, read news, create and manage events, set reminders and perform web searches, all without leaving the app.

In July this year, Microsoft and Cheetah Mobile expanded their partnership with the release of Cheetah Translator, a portable translation device developed using text-to-speech and translation technology from Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) and OrionStar, a Cheetah Mobile-invested AI company. The device is light-weight and easy-to-use, while providing accurate and reliable translation, making it the perfect accessory for travelers. Cheetah Translator operates on OrionStar’s self-developed Orion Voice OS, the number one smart voice OS in China, with a 30% market share. Orion Voice OS currently powers smart speakers from Xiaomi, Midea and Ximalaya, as well as Cheetah Mobile’s entire line of robotics products and smart devices.

Cheetah Translator
Cheetah Translator– one-button design

Unlike similar translation devices that feature two or more buttons, Cheetah Translator’s one-button design reduces the number of operations the users have to make. Whether it is selecting the language, translating or changing volume, it can all be done with one button. In fact, the translation engine provided by Microsoft and OrionStar automatically detects which language is being spoken and translates accordingly without the need to manually switch between languages. It currently supports Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese, with more languages to be added soon.

During the event Li says, “The major advantage that Cheetah Mobile has in AI products is its combination of user thinking, product thinking and AI technologies. By focusing on users’ needs in specific scenarios, Cheetah Mobile uses the most suitable technology to solve those needs, and Cheetah Translator is the embodiment of this goal. There are no borders between machines and people anymore. Cheetah Mobile’s goal is to provide users with AI products that are truly intelligent and useful.”