Chen Rui: More Than 1 Million Videos Featuring Traditional Chinese Style Posted on Bilibili With Over 1 Million Viewers

On September 27, Chen Rui, Chairman and CEO of leading Chinese video sharing platform Bilibili, delivered a speech entitled “How Creators of Z Generation in Bilibili Show Traditional Chinese Style” at the 2021 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit.

Chen began his remarks by explaining that content promoting traditional culture is very popular on Bilibili. As of the end of June, more than one million videos featuring traditional Chinese style have been created by Bilibili uploaders. Furthermore, these videos have been viewed about 136 million times over the past year. Chen stressed that the key to reviving traditional culture lies in young people’s attention.

Chen considers Generation Z as the mainstream content creators on the Bilibili platform. At present, Bilibili is home to 2.4 million monthly active content creators, who produce a total of 8.4 million videos each month. Young, talented, creative and full of positive energy are the most remarkable characteristics of the creators. For example, an online interview between uploader “He Tongxue” (a student surnamed He) and Apple CEO Tim Cook suggests the confidence of Chinese young people.

“At present, the average MAUs on Bilibili has reached 237 million, of which users aged 18-35 account for 78%,” Chen said, adding that these young people called “Generation Z” have high cultural self-confidence, moral self-discipline and a humanistic quality.

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Regarding how to “tell Chinese stories well,” a prominent public initiative in the country today, Chen said that on the premise of telling the truth, it is very important to create high-quality content, which requires excellent creators. To this end, Bilibili has been cultivating, supporting and aiding high-quality creators.