China Netcasting Services Association: No Editing Short Video Clips Without Authorization

On Wednesday, the China Netcasting Services Association released a document entitled “Detailed Rules of Online Short Video Auditing Standards,” which is a revised version of a previous edition published in 2019.

In view of the diverse entertainment landscape, involving minors in programs exerting a negative influence, illegally disseminating audio-visual program clips, and introducing or broadcasting overseas programs without approval, the detailed rules provide more specific and clear work guidelines for front-line auditors of short video platforms.

According to the detailed rules, short video programs shall not host content classified as online “chaotic” fan culture, the supremacy of popularity, abnormal aesthetics, fanatical idolatry, irrational support of fans, luring and abetting the public to participate in virtual currency mining, trading and publicity stunts.

In addition, the detailed rules stipulate that short video creators should not cut and adapt various audio-visual programs and fragments of movies and dramas without authorization.

According to the report released by a copyright monitoring center, from January 2019 to October 2020, the center has found a total of 30,095,200 suspected infringing short videos, which have received a collective 2.72 trillion hits.

In April this year, 53 film and television companies, five video platforms and 15 film and television industry associations issued a joint statement, announcing that centralized and necessary legal rights protection actions will be launched for unauthorized editing, cutting and dissemination of film and television content on the internet.

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In addition, the revised rules point out that online short video platforms should establish a protection mechanism for minors, limit the watching time of minors, and set up a parental monitoring system for minors to effectively prevent them from over-indulging in short videos. Short video platforms should not promote a harmful, negative and decadent outlook on life, the world and values, including money worship, hedonism and demotivation culture.