China Showcases Self-developed Commercial Aircraft at Singapore Airshow 2024

The Singapore Airshow commenced on February 20 at the Changi Exhibition Centre. 

The exhibition, held from February 20 to 25 at the Changi Exhibition Centre, featured the debut of two C919 and three ARJ21 aircraft, showcasing China’s advancements in commercial aviation. The event included indoor model exhibitions, outdoor static displays, and flight performances to highlight these achievements.

Inside the exhibition hall, COMAC displayed scaled models of the C919, ARJ21, and C929 aircraft, along with various ARJ21 variants. Outdoor exhibits included China Eastern Airlines’ C919, Lion Air’s ARJ21, and Zhongyuan Longhao Aviation’s ARJ21 cargo aircraft for public viewing.

The C919, designed to accommodate 158-192 passengers, emphasizes advanced design for reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency. Since its first commercial flight in May 2023, the C919 has transported over 110,000 passengers, with ongoing production and development. The ARJ21, known for its regional capabilities, has safely flown over 11 million passengers since entering service in 2016.

The airshow attracted over 1,000 companies from 50 countries, showcasing global interest in aviation advancements and providing a platform for industry engagement and collaboration.

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