China Unicom Pilots 5G in 16 Cities, Commercialization to Commence in 2020

China Unicom has started 5G pilot projects in Chinese cities and will proceed with commercialization of the new communication technology in 2020.

Lu Yimin, executive director and president of China Unicom, announced on June 26 at its global partner conference that the state-owned telecommunication company has gradually started to introduce the use of 5G technology in 16 Chinese cities, and will proceed with business application and trial commercialization in 2019.

Lu Yimin, executive director and president of China Unicom.
Lu Yimin, executive director and president of China Unicom. Image source: Tencent tech.

It plans to fully commercialize the new technology in 2020. The company also initiated a global cooperation to speed up the process of cloud networking and accelerate the application of 5G worldwide.

On Thursday, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said the country will be putting in resources to further accelerate the commercialization of 5G technologies.

China Unicom, along with two other major telecom carriers including China Mobile and China Telecom announced the ensuing day they will eliminate charges for domestic roaming data usage starting from July 1.

China Unicom has in recent years actively responded to the wave of digital development, creating opportunities through structural reforms in order to accelerate the transformative pace of the company. It has already achieved milestones in areas such as cloud network integration, big data, 5G and industrial Internet.

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